Watch: Teen accidentally swallows dog toy— and then squeaks – FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul

Watch teen squeak after swallowing chew toy

A teen turned himself Proper into a squeaking machine after by probability inhaling the whistle from a canine toy. (Credit rating: Mary Serrano by way of Storyful)

An adolescent turned “one” with a chew toy after he by probability swallowed it and— as You’d possibly assume— started squeaking. 

Mary Serrano of Montgomery, Texas, said her 13-yr-previous son Jonathan was chewing on a canine toy to be annoying. The mom jokingly made a slapping gesture with a soda bottle. As her son ducked, he swallowed the whistle An factor of the toy. 

Serrano then took her son To 2 completely different hospitals after he started squeaking.

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Whereas they waited Inside the emergency room at Conroe Regional Hospital, Serrano recorded a video of her son who stored squeaking as he Might not include his laughter. 

Docs have been In a place to take away the toy, using a scope. 

“Prolonged story brief, this was not nice for him as a Outcome of he missed An important tenting journey with Boy Scouts that he was very a lot wanting forward to,” she tprevious Storyful.

Storyful contributed to this report. This story was reported from L. a.. 



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